Bob Lantz


Welcome to my web page! (Hand-crafted in simple HTML as Berners-Lee intended.) I am working on a variety of interesting research projects in Networking and Computer Systems. I founded the Mininet project, which creates instant virtual networks on your laptop (or other machine) for Software-Defined (and traditional) Networking research, development and teaching, and am currently technical lead for the Mininet-Optical project, which extends Mininet to emulate lightpath networks, as part of the COSMOS/COSM-IC projects at Columbia University. I have previously contributed to the ONOS and FAUCET SDN controller/network OS projects, as well as the OpenFlow SDN protocol.

Research and Publications

Mininet (including extensions such as Mininet-Optical) has been used for many dozens of research projects and publications presented at SIGCOMM, OFC, SOSR/HotSDN, HotNets, and elsewhere. Many student projects using Mininet (and other systems) to reproduce network research may be found here.

The following are some of my publications and presentations relating to Mininet and other systems I've created or worked on:

Reconfigurable topology testbeds: A new approach to optical system experiments, Optical Fiber Technology, March 2023.

TUTORIAL: COSMOS (“Cloud enhanced Open Software defined MObile wireless testbed for city-Scale deployment”) Testbed for Advanced Wireless and Edge Cloud Research, SIGCOMM 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 2022.

Real-Time QoT Estimation Through SDN Control Plane Monitoring Evaluated in Mininet-Optical, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 33, Issue 18, September 2021.

SDN-controlled Dynamic Front-haul Provisioning, Emulated on Hardware and Virtual COSMOS Optical x-Haul Testbeds, Demo. OFC 2021, Online/virtual (due to pandemic), June 2021.

Demonstration of Software-Defined Packet-Optical Network Emulation with Mininet-Optical and ONOS, Demo. OFC 2021, San Diego, CA, March 2020.

Mininet and the Importance of Software Research Projects, Software Systems Award talk, SOSR 2017, Santa Clara, CA, April 2017.

Virtualization for NFV/Data Plane SDN, Presentation, Open Networking Summit 2016, Santa Clara, CA, March 2016.

A Mininet-based Virtual Testbed for Distributed SDN Development, Demo. SIGCOMM 2015, London, UK, August 2015.

ONOS Developer Guide. Open Networking Foundation, 2014.

ONOS: Towards an Open, Distributed SDN OS, HotSDN 2014, Chicago, IL, August 2014.

Reproducible Network Experiments using Container Based Emulation, CoNEXT 2012, Nice, France, December 2012.

OpenFlow Switch Specification, Version 1.3.0, Open Networking Foundation, 2012.

In-Network Live Snapshot Service for Recovering Virtual Infrastructures, IEEE Network, vol. 25, no. 4, July 2011.

A Network in a Laptop: Rapid Prototyping for Software-Defined Networks, HotNets-IX, Monterey, CA, October 2010.

Mininet: Squeezing a 1000-node OpenFlow Network onto a Laptop, Presentation. OpenFlow Software Architecture and Implementation Working Group, Stanford, CA, November 2009.

Enterprise GENI (OpenFlow virtualization design) poster session. Third GENI Engineering Conference, Palo Alto, CA, October 2008.

Virtual Machine Migration with OpenFlow, Demo. SIGCOMM 2008, Seattle, WA, August 2008. Awarded Best Demo.

Fast Functional Simulation with Parallel Embra, Workshop on Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation (MoBS), ISCA 2008. Beijing, China, June 2008.

Parallel SimOS: Performance and Scalability for Large System Simulation, Ph.D. Dissertation. Computer Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2007.

SimProf: Phase-based Visualization of Parallel Programs, Computer Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, 2006.