Shankar Ponnekanti

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science department. Before coming to Stanford, I was at IIT Madras, where I did a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

Graduation/Job Search

I expect to graduate in early 2005. Here's my CV.

Research and publications

My advisor is Dr. Armando Fox. I am a member of the Interactive Workspaces and SWIG research groups.

My research at Stanford deals with issues in network services, including discovery, interoperation and composition. I have explored the aforementioned issues both in local area (ubiquitous/pervasive computing) and wide area (SOAP/WSDL based Web services) settings. My Middleware '04 paper and Ubicomp '01 paper are representative of my research interests and dissertation work. More details on my research may be found here.


Office (as of Jan 2004):
Residence (as of Jan 2004):