Mortgage Maker

Mortgage Maker is a little Mac program that lets you play around with the variables in a mortgage loan to find a combination that qualifies. That's all it does, but it does a nice job of it. The program is free for personal use. It computes the "qualifying ratios" that the banks use to rate loans. Its Backsolve feature answers questions like "how much house can I afford on this income?" or my favorite, "How much does my spouse/partner need to make for us to get into that house." It also handles refinances and estimates closing costs. For real estate or mortgage professionals, the program is a handy way to print quick estimates for clients.

8-14-200 Version 2.2 Version 2.2 fixes a bug that crashed in file save on Sys 9.0 -- download it or find it at the usual archives.

Mortgage Maker is most useful for three types of people...

Real estate and finance professionals should pay the whopping $10 registration -- they can then use the program to whip up quotes for clients in good conscience. (My father is a mortgage broker -- it is for this "client quote" use that I originally created the program.) You can register on-line with the Kagi registration service.

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