Mark Gritter

Ph.D. Student,
Stanford University
Computer Science Department
Distributed Systems Group
Advisor: David Cheriton

I'm currently looking for academic positions in the U.S. Midwest. Here's my CV.


Peer reviewed:

  • Mark Gritter and David R. Cheriton, "An Architecture for Content Routing Support in the Internet", USENIX Symposium On Internet Technologies and Systems, March 2001. [.html] [.ps.gz]


  • Mark Gritter and David R. Cheriton, "Denial-of-Service Attacks Against Internet Naming", submitted to SIGCOMM 2003.
  • Mark Gritter, "Segregating Content By Name: Legislation and Technology", CS401 project, June 2002. [.ps] [.pdf] [.html] [.html --- one page]
  • David R. Cheriton and Mark Gritter, "TRIAD: A New Next-Generation Internet Architecture", July 2000. [.ps.gz] [.ps] (An earlier version (March 2000) was circulated as "TRIAD: a Scalable Deployable NAT-based Internet Architecture", [.html] [.ps] [.ps.gz])

    Research and Previous Work

    I'm currently working on directory services and name-based routing as part of the TRIAD project, a content-based next-generation internet architecture.

    During fall 1998, I TAed CS140, the introductory operating systems course. The previous quarter, I was the instructor/TA for CS193D, "C++ and Object Oriented Programming".


    Contact Information


    PGP public key

    625 Camellia Ct. #2201
    Hayward, CA 94544
    (510) 728-8489

    Gates 444
    (650) 723-9429

    Check out my main web page for some useful (and a lot of useless) stuff.