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Manju Rajashekhar
I graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University in June 2007.

Recently, I led the Caching Team at Twitter for almost three years. At Twitter, I built and open-sourced Twemcache (Twitter memcached), Twemproxy (memcached and redis proxy) and an in-memory graph store.

Twemcache and Twemproxy are the fundamental building blocks of the Twitter's caching system and have been instrumental in scaling the backend systems at Twitter and improving its performance. Besides Twitter, Twemproxy is also used by other successful startups like Tumblr, Pinterest, Wikimedia etc.

I also built and open-sourced Fatcache which is memcache on SSD that serves as a cache for your terabyte scale big-data.

Before Twitter, I was part of the Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) group at VMware, where I built the lock manager for our next generation cluster file system VMFS-5, which unlike its predecessor VMFS-3 scales linearly with the nodes in the cluster. A preview of its architecture and scaling results were demoed at VMworld09.

During the summer of '06, I spent time working in the DFSR team at Microsoft, where I developed a file locking prototype for their DFSR service.

Before starting graduate school at Stanford, I used to work in a startup called NetScaler which was later acquired Citrix Systems. I was among the first 10 Engineers' at NetScaler and was responsible for building their Single Sign-on, Intranet IP, and URL based policy matching features in the NetScalers' SSLVPN product.
Research Interests

Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Sensor Networks.

At Stanford, I spend most of my time playing with Sensor Networks and TinyOS that ran on these Sensor Nodes. My research was focussed in two areas:
1). Information Processing in Sensor Networks with Prof. Leo Guibas and,
2). Storage Centric Sensor Networks.
We ended up designing and implementing an index data structure for efficient organization and access of sensor data on Flash Memory as a alternative to Flash File Systems.


  • Twemproxy at San Francisco Redis Meetup Group [slides]
  • Caching at Twitter and moving towards a persistent, in-memory key value store at Berkeley AMP Lab Seminar [pdf]
  • Caching at Twitter with Twemcache at Twitter Open Source Summit [pdf]