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E-mail: magerman@cs.stanford.edu

Who I am and What I do

I am a data scientist and artificial intelligence researcher. I previously worked at Renaissance Technologies, a hedge-fund management company based in Eastern Long Island.

During my first term at Renaissance, I was head of production for the better part of a decade. I was also the highest-ranked technical employee for a number of years, implementing and overseeing the implementation of a trading system which has been used by Renaissance for two decades. In 2006, I retired from my management position at Renaissance and moved to Philadelphia. After a four-year break, during which I tried angel investing and teaching at Penn, I returned to Renaissance as a tele-commuting researcher, first in the Futures research group and then in the Equities research group. I left Renaissance again in May 2017, and I am currently available for work in data science outside of the financial industry.

Aside from my data science work, I am the CEO of Six Points Restaurant Group, which operates kosher restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area. Currently only one restaurant, Citron & Rose Tavern, is open. The Dairy Cafe is being renovated and should reopen in November 2017. There is also the possibility of another restaurant opening at the location of the old Citron & Rose in the future.

I am also the founder and president of The Kohelet Foundation, a private foundation focused on Jewish education. We are currently focused on developing the Yeshiva Lab School, a new progressive, student-centered model for dual curriculum elementary education. We also run the annual Kohelet Prize competition, which awards up to six $36,000 awards each year to educators to reward innovation, creativity, and bravery in education. The foundation is in year two of a ten-year plan to help Kohelet Yeshiva, the home of the Yeshiva Lab school, achieve sustainability. The foundation is building a new building for the school to house their new K-8 program and, in addition, we have granted the school $30 million over ten years to support the school while it grows and to help it build up an endowment.

Earlier in my academic career, I did research on the statistical natural language parsing problem, culminating in my thesis, entitled Natural Language Processing as Statistical Pattern Recognition. Here's a list of the rest of my publications.

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