Karl Pfleger's Home Page (old)

General Information

I received my Ph.D. in
Computer Science from Stanford University.

Within CS I have primarily worked in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. At Stanford, I was associated with the Knowledge Systems Laboratory and previously the Robotics Laboratory. I was advised by Barbara Hayes-Roth, Nils Nilsson, and Richard Fikes, and have also worked with Pat Langley and David Rumelhart (until he retired). You are welcomed to view information about my dissertation. I also have an M.S. in CS from Stanford. I previously consulted part-time for mySimon, now a division of CNET. Before coming to Stanford I received my B.S.E. in CS "with highest honors" from Princeton University, in 1992. For some reason depsite its age, richness of tradition, and other heavy use of Latin, Princeton prefers to use "with highest honors" instead of "summa cum laude". In addition to Computer Science, I spent a great deal of time studying Cognitive Psychology, and I worked with Philip Johnson-Laird in the Psychology department and the Cognitive Science Laboratory at 221 Nassau St. and with Stephen Jose Hanson, then at Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, NJ.

Research Interests

I have done research in a broad spectrum of areas, including supervised machine learning and data mining, neural networks, agent architectures, mobile robotics, statistical natural language processing and grammar induction, software engineering, and information retrieval. For more details check out my publications or info on my dissertation, "On-Line Learning of Predictive Compositional Hierarchies".

One of the beliefs that I hold as part of my long-term intellectual interests is that intelligence, indeed all aspects of thought, cognition, and all control of behavior, from low-level to high-level, is algorithmic, and can thus be modeled and exhibited by computers. I think that the study of intelligence and related issues, and in particular the study of learning, is the most exciting scientific endeavor of our time, and the practical deployment of the related technologies holds the potential to change the world in some of the most profound ways of any technology today.

Consumer Health and Safety Information

I consider health and safety very important and occassionally research important health/safety consumer issues. I often learn things that many people don't know but are glad to find out, so I share the info on my web pages. Specific areas include: All of these pages are highly ranked by Google and other search engines, and I have received numerous e-mails from grateful people saying they found the pages extremely helpful.