It takes cooperation, not just good players, to make a good team. Similarly, you can have great aim with rockets and grenades and be a good soldier: but if you can get your grenades and rockets to cooperate, you will be a great soldier. Basically, you need to release your ordinance in a tactical pattern.

The "Hidden" Tactic
Shoot a rocket on the ground between you and the enemy and then throw a grenade at your enemy. The rocket does no damage but it's blast hides the grenade until it has travelled through the blast, which gives vu almost no time to dodge it. Also, vu is distracted and dodges backward from the rocket; both of which make it harder to dodge to the side once vu sees the grenade. Hidden works well at medium and close range.

The "1-1" Tactic
Shoot a rocket on one side of the enemy and then throw a grenade on the other side. The rocket does no damage if vu dodges well, but the grenade hits vu since vu dodges into it. 1-1 is your best long-range option since normally rockets and grenades are easy to dodge at long range. Try not to boost the enemy too much with the rocket since you might boost vu away from your grenade.

The "2-1" Tactic
2-1 is just like 1-1, except you shoot two rockets instead of one. This stops vu from dodging your rocket to the wrong side, as can sometimes happen with 1-1.

The "Blinding" Tactic
Shoot a rocket to the one side of the enemy at eye level. Then dodge to the same side so you are partially hidden behind the rocket and its vapor trail. Then throw a grenade where you think the enemy will dodge to: just like a 1-1. Blinding works best at medium to long range.

The "Double" Tactic
Shoot a rocket and throw a grenade so they blow at the same time and place on your enemy. They must be timed precisely or vu will be boosted away before the second explosion happens. Doubles are useful because you can expose yourself agressively for minimal time while causing maximal damage. Doubles work best at short and medium range. Also, if you throw the grenade just after your rocket, it will be hidden and vu may dodge the rocket without realizing there is a grenade behind it.

John LeFlohic
November 10, 1999