About John LeFlohic's Homepage

What is this site?
This site is a resource for quickly and concisely learning about various topics related to computers, physics, existential philosophy, and psychology.  It’s essentially a blog that was created 7 years before blogging became popular.

Why is this site here?
There's a lot going through my head that is too abstract, technical, complicated, or specific for it to be appropriate for normal conversation.   So I put it on the web.   That way people who want to can come read it when they're in the mood while I can satisfy my need to create.

What is the site's design philosophy?
In protest of flashy, slow sites with no real or unique content, I am trying to do the opposite on all counts.   You'll never see a blinking advertisement anywhere in my site, and I'm thankful to the computer science department here to the have a permanent site with no advertising.

I will keep foreigners in mind, many of whom have poor English and slow internet connections through no fault of their own.   Specifically, most pages are designed for fast download and use basic English words and simple grammatical structure.

Who am I?
I studied computer science and psychology at Stanford University and am now a programmer there for Stanford’s online courses.   Beyond that, the content of this site speaks best to who I am.

What is "vu"?
You may have noticed I use the word "vu" in some of the things I write.   "Vu" is the long-awaited gender-neutral singular pronoun. It means "he/she".   It's conjugated like other pronouns to arrive at, say, "vus" (his/her), "vu'd" (he would/she would), and so on.  (April 2010 edit) Not surprisingly, “vu” never took off, not even the more organized movement by other people to use “e” to mean “he/she” worked.  I’ll leave my older entries where I used “vu” intact, but probably won’t be using it in future writings.