* Java Security Sites

* Readings

Secure Internet Programming: Publications, Princeton
Java Insecurity, LaDue, GA Tech
The Java White Paper: Security in Java
Low Level Security in Java, JavaSoft
An Overview of Java Security, FLINT, Yale

* Hostile Applets

Hostile Applets Home Page, LaDue, GA Tech
Nasty Java Applets

* Frequently Asked Questions

  • Java Security: FAQ, SIP, Princeton
  • Java Security: FAQ, JavaSoft
  • Applet Security: FAQ. JavaSoft
  • * Miscellaneous

    Java Security: Weaknesses and Solutions
    Java Insecurity
    Java Cryptography Architecture
    Finjan Software - products for Java security and management.

    * Java Related Sites

    The Complete Page on Java FLINT project in Yale

    Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.
    Getting Started on the WWW: A Programmer's Guide
    JavaMan's Links
    SunWorld Online - July 1995 - Java: The Inside story

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