Words, Music & Arrangement by LUNA SEA

Rakuen ni kizamareta  Ai no uta wa
(The poem of love that is engraved in paradise)
Kakikesareta  Tokai no zattou no naka
(Has been scratched out in the city's throng)
Sekai kara  Ai wa kieyou to shiteru no  Toki wa tomaranai
(Love is disappearing from the world  Time does not stop)

Kimi ga ima  Saigo no megami ni mieru  Mamoritai
(You appear to be the last goddess now  I want to protect [you])

Kimi yo kimi yo anata yo  Ai ni michita hohoemi de  Kono sekai wo sukutte
(You, you, you  With your smile that is filled with love  Save the world)

loveless lovemaking
Byouyomi no naka  Taisetsuna mono wo  Kimi yo hanasanaide...
(During countdown  The precious thing  You, don't let go of...)

loveless lovemaking
Byouyomi no naka  Taisetsuna mono wo  Futari wa kawaranai...
(During countdown  The precious thing  We will not change...)

loveless lovemaking
Kieteyuku no  Kokoro kayowazu  Kimi to boku wa  Byouyomi no naka
(Disappearing  Unsympathetic hearts*  You and I  During countdown)

Any love does not exist between them

* kayou means "to commute; to circulate"; kokoro ga kayou means "to evoke a sympathetic response from someone; to strike a sympathetic chord in someone." I think the phrase means "hearts don't communicate," so I translated it as above.
** Another interesting note is that in the beginning and end, Ryuichi (or Sugizo??) keeps repeating four words over and over again. Finally I found out he was saying eins zwei drei vier, which means "one two three four" in German.

In LOVELESS, SUGIZO uses a triple-headed (3 guitar head with the same body), 12 strings modern instruments with 12 strings on 2 necks as usually for guitar effects, and also 6 strings on the fretless middle head for the background effect.
(Mark Leung)