Words, Music & Arrangement by LUNA SEA

Saa me wo tojite  Kokoro no koe to
Kasukana toiki  Kanji tsudzukete
  (Close your eyes and  Continue to feel
   The voice of your heart and  Your faint breath)

How long  Dorekurai  Kizutsukeba ii?
  (Till when do we have to hurt [each other's feelings]?)
Dream on  Yurusu nara  Aishite hoshii
  (If possible  I want you to love me)

Kodokuna yoru wa  Boku wa yowaku suru
  (Lonely nights make we weak)
Mayaku no you ni  Iyashite hoshii
  (Like a drug  I want you to heal me)

Kono mune no oku fukaku  Tomoshita honoo wa  Sagashi tsudzuketeiru  Mirai wo terasu
  (Deep in this heart  A burning flame  Continues to search  Illuminates the future)

Forever & ever  Itsunohimo  Forever & ever  Kawaranai
  (Forever unchanged)
Forever & ever  Kono omoi
  (This thought)

So bright  Kagayaite  Shinji tsudzukete
  (Shine, keep believing)
Tonight  Tabidatou  Kawaita  Koko kara
  (Let's begin a journey  From this dry place)

Yozora ni tsunagareta  Hoshitachi no you ni  Ah~ kono merodii wa  Kitto eien sa
  (Like the stars joined in the night sky  This melody is surely eternal)

Forever & ever  Kitto itsuka  Forever & ever  Tadori tsukeru
  (For sure someday  We can find our way)
Forever & ever  Kitto itsuka  Forever & ever
  (For sure someday)

Close your eyes, open your mind, going back for a moment of time
To those days and take back the eternity and the hope you felt for sure

Time changes all and strives to change me, too
If we fight, it hurts  If we surrender, we go under

And many people are lost and hurt  They let go of their most precious thing

Even if it breaks me into pieces
I want to keep believing, keep feeling till it ceases
The eternity deep in my heart

So, remember
That body, soul, mind, blood, tears, dreams, love, pain, and joy
Cause, they're all so precious, forever & ever

So bright  Kagayaite  Shinji tsudzukete
  (Shine, keep believing)
Tonight  Tabidatou  Hikari no naka e
  (Let's begin a journey  Into the light)

Samayoi tsudzuketeru  Kawaita kokoro wa  Aisaretai to negau  Hodo kizutsuite
  (This parched wandering heart hurts as much as it wishes to be loved)
Kagirinaku tsudzuku  Kono michi no saki ni  Motomeru sono nanika  Aru to shinjitai
  (It wants to believe  That thing which it looks for  [Exists] ahead on  This unending road)

Forever & ever  Kanau nara  Forever & ever  Mitsuketai
  (If dream comes true  I want to find [out])

"Out from my chaos to grace"

        Doko made toberu no ka tashikametakute
          (I want to ascertain how far I can fly)

Forever & ever  Itsunohimo  Forever & ever  Kawaranai
  (Forever  Unchanged)
        Forever & ever