For those who visited this site during the past month, I apologize for the disgusting colors. I don't know what I was thinking of...

Anyways, I've finally got my copy of TOY$! from Kinokuniya on Wednesday. I like the first track a lot! Show's English lyrics are fairly decent, or else he bothered to find some English-speaking person to proofread his grammar, unlike most other Japanese singers who don't seem to care. Their music sounds kind of grunge-rock; I was told that it resembles NIRVANA although I've not heard enough of the band to know.

I saw some music clips of TOY$! on Count Down TV last night. I think they ranked #17 in the week of 3/28, rose to #16 the next week, then fell to #31 the following week. According to CDTV's homepage, they are #48 this week (4/18).

I visited Tomoko's page today and found many new web sites (all in Japanese). There are 5 new links in Yahoo! Japan also.


I've removed the scanned images of the Backstage PASS 3-page interview. However, you can take a look at the English translations.

Thanks to Junko Teruyama for translating the article!

Thanks to John Leo for scanning the article! (Even though he's not an fan...)


According to an fan club member, Flower Company has sent out membership cards along with a telephone card that has a photo of Show & Hiroshi. Urayamashii na...! The Flower Company has over 4000 members now, and it's still growing!

I finally received the 1/27 issue of B-PASS last week. With the projects at work and my vacation coming up though, I wonder if I'll ever get around to finish translating the articles. If you'd like to help me, please let me know! I promise I'll give you a treat.


After 22 months of waiting, it's finally here!!!

Debut Single:

Also, the Universal Victor official home page is finally up. Check it out!


I finally received the February issue of B-PASS. It was on sale in Japan on 12/27; I don't know why it takes Kinokuniya more than a month to ship a magazine. Anyways, it contains a 2-page article on; however, one page is taken up by a picture of Show and Hiroshi (you can also see it under From U Japan), while another half page is taken up by the band logo and article title, leaving half a page on a short blurp on the information that we've known for a while already, namely that Show and Hiroshi left WANDS in 6/96 because "their style of music has grown different from that of WANDS" (sneer!), but they kept silent all this time until the official announcement from Being last August and also signing with Universal Victor in November. Now they're preparing for a maxi single scheduled to be released in Spring.

The March issue of B-PASS (on sale 1/27) has a 3-page long interview of them. I hope to translate it when I get my hands on it, but it'll take another month... *sigh* If you can't wait, go buy the magazine yourself (hopefully you'll have better luck with your local bookstore than I) or go to Tomoko's Media page for a synopse.

On a second note, I just checked the supposedly future official home page at the Universal Victor site. Instead of the usual "under construction" message, the new page is titled "alnico" with the one-line body ririisu jouhou wa mou shibaraku omachi kudasai! ("for release information please wait a little while longer!").


The name of Show and Hiroshi's unit is (pronounced aruniko). It stands for "aluminium nickel cobalt," that is, "a permanent magnet." Universal Victor is constructing an official home page for them.


Show & Hiroshi will begin their activities in 1998. All major CD shops in Japan are distributing a free paper that includes an interview of Show & Hiroshi.


A WandS fan from Japan sent me a copy of the letters from FLOWER COMPANY. Here's the info on the fan club:

To join, send a self-address stamped envelope with your name, address, phone number, and birth date to the above address.


A WandS fan from Japan sent me an e-mail today telling me that she received a direct mail from FLOWER COMPANY. What's FLOWER COMPANY!? It's SHOW WESUGI & HIROSHI SHIBASAKI Official Fan Club!!! The mail she got consists of four letters:

  1. This letter is written in English. And there are autographs of Show and Hiroshi on it.
    Thank you very much your kindness,
    and we wish heartily hereafter for your great support.
  2. This letter is written by Show Wesugi.
  3. This letter is written by Hiroshi Shibasaki.
  4. This letter is the information on FLOWER COMPANY.
This is very good news! I have decided to stop updating my WANDS page and will start maintaining this page from now on. Well, actually, I'm quite busy at work and probably will not be able to find much time to work on this page, but I'll at least keep updating it as soon as I receive news.