Welcome to my little world. I am a a master's student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. My undergraduate degree is in Computer Systems Engineering, which is a major floating between the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments.

I am originally from Reston, VA, which is on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. I went to a high school especially designed for techie nerds called Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. That is a mouthful.

During my years at Stanford I have been an RCC in Roble, hashed in West Lagunita, worked at SITN, been a SWE officer, researched with with FLASH project, worked at the Hoover Insitution, presided over Tau Beta Pi, as well a bunch of other things you can read about on these pages.

I am taking CS193I this quarter -- Internet Technologies. Here are the answers to my scavenger hunt. Boy is Alta Vista a great search tool. We also have to make a contribution to the big information pool of the Internet. I wrote a short essay on the Technology Ventures Co-op Program that I am involved with.

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