A few comments from across the JamaVerse, slightly edited:

From: Smadar Shiffman <shiffman@SMI.Stanford.EDU>

I love the result. [...]
From: Daniel Radzinski <danielr@pacbell.net>

As usual it's a joy! [...] 
From: Yigal Meir <ymeir@bgumail.bgu.ac.il>

[...]I expect you are going to liven things up a bit (movies, cartoons, ...).
From: yonin@cet.ac.il (Yoni Neman)

Remember Chez moi ba-Jamoi?
From: Dov Shiffman <dov_shiffman@cvt.com>

Tislam!! leaving you all by yourself for two weeks was usefull after
all!. [...]
Also, you might want to start some contorversy (fruits and vegies..),
otherwise there's a risk of losing interest.