March 24, 2003: Updated some links and emails.
July 8, 2002: Scanned archive!
July 7, 2002: Dubi's got a brand new link; Yigal and Ramy's old links got stale and I finally noticed.
April 6, 2002: More linkage. Check out Dubi's pic in the CVT annual report!
May 12, 2001: Urged by Dani Givoli, I updated all the links, many of which were stale for quite a while.
Oct 5, 2000: Yoni's link has changed.
Eyal's CommunitiesOct 17, 1999: Eyal's commugen.com link.
Dubi's cvt.com link.
July 18, 1999: Daniel's Chemdex link.
Fixed some broken picture links.
Jan 2, 1998: A new year. Transom, Givoli links.
July 16, 1997: Gidi's home page.
July 3, 1997: The UDRUB story.
June 19, 1997: Doobi's cartoon!
June 18, 1997: Updated some Radzinski links.
Added "what's new" & "what they say".
Fixed the main logo loop. (I use Animagic, by the way.)
June 17, 1997: Page premiere.