The Archive

Dec 1982. The very first. One page.

Jan 1983. Gidi's 25th birthday. 3 pages.

Nov 1984.Yoni's invitation for Bin's birthday party at Cafe Yuval.

Jan 1985. Not EB, but Eyal's own 200 x 200. 4 hard-to-read pages.

Jul 1985. Splashy 4 pages, HADASHOT-style, for Eyal's 28th birthday.

Mar 1986. "Chez Moi Bajamoi", by Yoni and Rekesh.

Aug 1990. "EB (Etzlenu BaJaMa)". That's just me, at Stanford, playing with PostScript.

Thanks to Melingo for donating the disk space for this archive!