Well, it's a new year...
but there aren't too many stories to tell. Sure, I have a new job, but I think you've all heard about it by now. It's been tested (two weeks) and it's really a 10 minute walk from home.
Anything else? Well, there's un update to the "udrub" story (below). It turns out that Maya's brother is the Claims Adjuster for the Los Angeles branch of the moving company that we used (Isaac's). OLAM KATAN, eh?
(28 December, 1997)
ERRATUM: Daniel, upon returning from a lovely vacation in England & Ireland, remarks that Maya's brother used to work (but doesn't anymore) at Isaac's Boston branch (not Los Angeles).
(12 January, 1998)

A Moving Story:
Gidi and Yael report: On July 2nd, we moved from 1720 Lombard to 2223 Locust, in Philadelphia.
The movers that packed and carried our stuff turned out to be Hebrew-speakers, i.e., Israelis. After sizing up the amount of clothes we had, Miki said to Avi that it looked like they'll only need two UDRUB...
Can you guess what he meant?
(22 July, 1997)

We have content!
Dubi sends the following, about which he says:
``[this] cartoon conveys the problem I'm doing research on (controll of cell cycle).''