Eric C. Hawkes



3790 El Camino Real #381
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(408) 738-5677


A position in software application development.


Stanford University; Stanford, California
M.S. in Computer Science (expected June, 2000).
GPA: 3.8/4.0

Coursework in operating systems, data structures, algorithms, concurrency and
threaded programming, databases, compilers, computer architecture, theory, languages.

University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan
M.S. in Nuclear Engineering (December, 1990).
GPA: 3.8/4.0

Master's Project and Research Assistantship: used custom software on Apollo Unix system to model
nuclear reactor accidents. Came to understanding of theory behind the code, used code to model
various transients, wrote paper on results of analysis.

Oregon State University; Corvallis, Oregon
B.S., B.A. in Nuclear Engineering (June, 1989).
GPA: 3.7/4.0

Senior Project: ported large reactor physics simulation program from CDC mainframe to Wintel


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Research Engineer
Richland, Washington
Jan., 1991 - Present

Managed a budget of $120,000 and supervised two employees in the process of analyzing the
radionuclide content and hydrogen generating capacity of ion exchange columns in K-Basin at
Hanford. Project included running extensive simulations on a DEC 3100 running Unix.

Managed a budget of $50,000 and supervised one employee in the process of preparing an
extensive document detailing the physical construction of non-fuel assembly reactor components
used in the commercial nuclear power industry.

Ran extensive simulations on DEC and Vax computers to analyze static and dynamic neutronic
reactor designs. Became proficient in the use of the EMERALD (a global simulator),
WIMS (a lattice simulator), and GLASS programs.

Performed Validation and Verification of several computer programs on DEC and HP
workstations. Programs included EMERALD, NITAWL, XSDRN, and KENO.

Used DEC and HP workstations to perform criticality safety analysis for transportation and
storage of spent fuel and other fissile wastes from B-Cell at Hanford. Used SCALE software
and standard accident modes.


C, C++, Java, 68K Assembly, MIPS Assembly, Lisp, ML, FORTRAN, Basic
Unix (Sun, HP, DEC, Convex), Apple Macintosh, Wintel, Vax running VMS,
CDC Cyber Mainframe


Lee, J.C., Rank, P.J., Reifman, J.R., Hawkes, E. C., and Wehe, D.K., "Detection
and Diagnosis of Abnormal Transients in Nuclear Power Plants," Proceedings of the Brazilian
Meeting on Reactor Physics and Thermal Hydraulics, VIII ENFIR, September, 1991.

Hawkes, E.C., "Physical Characteristics of Non-Fuel Assembly Reactor Components,"
PNL-8425, prepared by Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories for the U.S. Department
of Energy, November, 1992.