David Whitney

8034 Fairway Dr NE
Seattle, WA 98115



Software design/development position involving Graphics or Distributed Systems (Seattle area).


Customer focused Senior Software Engineer with twenty years experience in a wide array of fields including Network Distributed Computing, eCommerce, Web Services, 3-D Graphics, Web App development, Scientific Visualization, and Video Technology. Expert at software development in Java/C++ environments on UNIX and Macintosh systems. Devotion to Object Oriented Design and pervasive documentation practices. Proven skill at rapidly integrating new knowledge and at creative problem solving. Self motivated, excellent communication skills, and experienced at teaching and giving technical presentations.


Independent Web Work

Professional Experience

AMAZON.COM, Senior Software Engineer
Seattle, Washington, Oct 1999 - present

Lead technical engineer on various projects across Amazon's businesses, including Supply Chain Optimization Systems, Amazon Marketplace, and Amazon Web Services groups. Worked closely with many teams to improve the customer experience.

MRJ TECHNOLOGY, Visualization Software Engineer
NASA/Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, 1998 - 1999

Member of the Visualization & Data Analysis Group at the Numerical Aerospace Simulation Facility at NASA/Ames.

Responsibilities include:

THE BOEING COMPANY, Advanced Computing Technologist
Seattle, Washington, 1996 - 1998

Member of the Virtual Environments Group in the Computing Technology Division. Project Lead on Advanced Rendering. Working to be a driving factor in Boeing technology development. Responsibilities include:

CONNECTSOFT INC.,   Senior Software Engineer
Bellevue, Washington, 1995 - 1996

Member of the dynamic and self-directed "E-Mail Connection for Macintosh" development team. Responsibilities included design and development of object oriented subsystems and user interface components. Rapidly integrated new code into large pre-existing C++ code base and the PowerPlant Object Framework. Fast paced project demanded rapid assimilation of new techniques and development environments. With little guidance, became highly productive member of a gelled team in only a few months. Pressed CD of first beta on schedule.

STERLING SOFTWARE,   Senior Software Engineer
NASA/Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, 1989 - 1995

Assigned under contract to NASA in the Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization Group. Responsibilities included leading development of distributed network and graphics software in a multi-platform UNIX and Macintosh C++ environment, interacting with and supporting NASA scientists, and exploiting emerging technologies. Tasks have demanded excellent communication skills, self motivation, and creative problem solving. Consistently high performance reviews.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY,   Teaching Assistant
Stanford, California, 1988 - 1989

Lectured, led discussion sections, graded programs, and held office hours for the core undergraduate Computer Science courses.

Publications & Presentations

Outside Activities

Referee for FIRST High School Robotics competition, stage work for local theaters, teaching Web/Java at local schools, Youth Soccer Coach, blood/marrow donor.

Sailing, soccer, cycling, rowing, guitar, rock/mountain climbing, hiking, travel, crosswords, chocolate.

SKILLS INVENTORY: Proficient or expert at all of the following

      UNIX: (20+ years) Linux, (also Irix, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, Unicos, AIX, A/UX, BSD)
      Mac:  (10+ years) MacOS, MacOSX.
      X:    (10+ years) X Window System, X11, Xlib, OSF/Motif, twm, mwm

      LANGUAGES:      Java (10+ yrs), C/C++ (10+ yrs), Javascript (3 yrs), Ruby (3 yrs), Perl (3 yrs).
      misc:           SQL, Pascal, Fortran, APL, 6502 assembler, bash/csh, AppleScript

      FRAMEWORKS:     Spring, Mockito, JUnit, QUnit

      WEB:            YUI, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, Applets, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Apache, Tomcat, Struts 2.0

      WINDOWING:      Java AWT/Swing, X Windows, Mac Interfaces, Event Driven Programming, GUI Design

      NETWORKING/     BSD Sockets, java.net, CORBA, OSF/DCE, SunRPC, TCP/IP

      PARALLEL:       SGI Parallel Libraries, Cray Vectorization, Shared Memory
      METHODOLOGIES:  Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming, Coad/Yourdan OOD.

      GRAPHICS:       OpenGL/IrisGL, SGI Performer, HTML Canvas, java.awt, Xlib, Motif, QuickDraw, QuickDraw 3-D, PostScript.
      MACINTOSH:      Intermediate Macintosh Programming, Metrowerks PowerPlant Object Framework

      MACINTOSH       Photoshop, Canvas, DeBabelizer, MS Office, Omni, Adobe Premiere, Lightwave 3-D, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Symantec C++, Script Editor

      SGI             Performer, Division dVise, CaseVision, Iris Explorer, Showcase

      UNIX TOOLS:     Emacs, git, Perforce, CVS, ClearCase, Purify, Eclipse

      HARDWARE SYSTEMS:       
      COMPUTERS:      SUN, SGI, DEC, Macintosh, Cray, RS/6000, PC, Amiga, X Terminals.

      VIDEO:          Video Toaster, SGI Galileo, Lyon Lamb MiniVAS Animation Controller & Real Time Scan Converter, IDEN TBC Time Base Corrector, 
                      Sony Betacam, Umatic, Hi-8 Editing Decks.

                      MacWorld, Xhibition, InterMedia, Usenix, Software Development, SGI Developers Forum, PNWSS