Lisa VanderSluis Whitney

  • Lisa's Resume.

    I have over twelve years experience in the Software Industry with a Masters in Computer Science. My experience includes architecture design and project management as well as hands on experience with technology such as the Internet, distributed computing, object oriented programming, and databases.

    I've enjoyed being a New Technology Specialist with NASA's Computer Software Services Group. I was also a Senior Programmer Analyst at Cray Research where I worked on the Network Queuing System.

    I have also been working with JAVA recently. Cost of Dwelling (zip version) is a Java applet that I wrote to demonstrate object oriented design. It calculates the cost of either buying a home or renting.

    On the personal side, here's some pictures from my Wedding, or if you'd like to see Germany's autobahn, here's a short movie(450kbytes) from my vacation to Germany.

    Other Examples:

  • For help with IS Web Project: The Impact of the Internet on Business.
  • For an example of JavaScript that calculates retirement savings.


    Lisa VanderSluis Whitney
    Phone: (206) 517-4782

    Last update: December 5, 1997.