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Our Wedding
My Resume

My wife Lisa and I live in Seattle where I try to ski, hike, row, sail, and play soccer whenever I can.

The Latest:

Sydney during her attempt to swim to Mt Rainier
Interesting stuff I've done or helped with:

Brian and Jason commiserate

Career-wise, I'm a Senior Software Engineer working on Java/C++ Object Oriented projects. Fields of interest include Parallel and Network Distributed Systems, 3-D Graphics, VR, Video, in Unix and Macintosh environments.

My present and past lives include:

o Java/CORBA/Servlet development for backend software systems.
NASA Ames Research Center (MRJ Technology) in Mountain View, CA.
o Visualization Software Engineer
o ...working on the Distributed Collaborative Virtual Wind Tunnel (also here)
The Boeing Co. in Seattle.
o Computing Technologist in Virtual Reality
Golden Rule Bears in Sumner, WA
o Network and Web Consultant
Connectsoft, Inc. in Seattle.
o Engineer on the E-Mail Connection for Macintosh design and development team.
NASA/Ames Research Center (Sterling Software) in Mountain View, CA.
o Computer Graphics & Scientific Visualization Group

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