Daniel Faria
I submitted my Ph.D. dissertation during the Fall'06 quarter and have officially graduated. I am currently working at a cool startup company founded by three other Ph.D. students from the Stanford CS department.

While at Stanford, I was a member of the Distributed Systems Group (DSG), led by prof. David Cheriton. My main interests include distributed systems, networking, operating systems, and computer architecture.

Most of my research while at Stanford was focused on building self-managed wireless LANs as part of the KIWI project. More specifically, my dissertation focused on securing wireless LANs using location-based services instead of relying on long-term secrets such as user passwords and certificates. For instance, I have designed and implemented:

You can find more information about my research by reading one of my papers or visiting the homepage for the KIWI project.

Things you can blame me for:

"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking." -- Albert Einstein