My Undergraduate Schedule of Classes

Fall 1993Winter 1994Spring 1994
CS 11
CS 51A
EE 10
Math 61
CS 21
CS 24
EE 102
EE 110
Math 33A
Math 33BH
CS 22
CS 23
CS 152A
Econ 11
Math 32BH
Stat 154A
Summer A 1994Fall 1994Winter 1995
Econ 101
Eng 3
CS 112
CS 151B
CS 181
Econ 102
EE 113
CS 130
CS 131
CS 152A
CS 180
Microbio 7
Spring 1995Fall 1995Winter 1996
CS 118
CS 161
CS M196B
Econ 160
Math 115A
CS 143
EE 113L
Ling 1
CS 111
CS 133
EE 103
EE 199
Ling 10

Course Desciptions and Comments

Major Courses

Computer Science

Computer Science 11: Introduction to PASCAL

Computer Science 21: Introduction to Computer Science I (Cancelled since Winter 1995)

Computer Science 22: Introduction to Computer Science II (Cancelled since Spring 1995)

Computer Science 23: Introduction to Computer Science III (Currently numbered CS 32)

Computer Science 24: Systems Programming (Currently numbered CS 33)
Recommended Professor: Lawrance McNamee

Computer Science 51A: Logic Design of Digital Systems
Recommended Professor: Algirdas Avizienis, Milos Ercegovac

Computer Science 111: Operating Systems Principles
Recommended Professor: David Jefferson*

Computer Science 112: Computer System Modeling Fundamentals
Recommended Professor: Richard Muntz

Computer Science 118: Computer Netwoek Fundamentals
Recommended Professor: Mario Gerla

Computer Science 130: Software Engineering

Computer Science 131: Programming Languages
Recommended Professor: Rajive Bagrodia*

Computer Science 132: Compiler Construction
Recommended Professor: David Martin

Computer Science 133: Parallel and Distributed Programming
Recommended Professor: Rajive Bagrodia

Computer Science 143: Introduction to Database Systems
Recommended Professor: Carlo Zaniolo

Computer Science 151B: Computer Systems Architecture
Recommended Professor: Yuval Tamir, Jason Cong

Computer Science 151C: Design of Digital Systems
Recommended Professor: Milos Ercegovac

Computer Science 152A: Introductory Digital Design Laboratory

Computer Science 152B: Computer Design and Interfacing Laboratory

Computer Science 161: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Recommended Professor: Richard Korf

Computer Science 163: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Recommended Professor: Michael Dyer

Computer Science 180: Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity
Recommended Professor: Andrew Kahng

Computer Science 181: Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata
Recommended Professor: Sheila Greibach

Computer Science M196B: Modeling and Simulation of Biological Systems
Recommended Professor: Joseph DiStefano III*

Electrical Engineering

EE 10: Circuit Analysis I
Recommended Professor: M.J. Werter

EE 102: Systems and Signals
Recommended Professor: Tom Simundich, Nhan Levan

EE 103: Applied Numerical Computing

EE 110: Circuit Analysis II
Recommended Professor: M.J. Werter

EE 113: Digital Signal Processing
Recommended Professor: Abeer Alwan

EE 113L: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Recommended Professor: Abeer Alwan


Mathematics 32A: Calculus of Several Variables

Mathematics 32B(H): Calculus of Several Variables

Mathematics 33A: Matrices and Differential Equations

Mathematics 33B(H): Infinite Series

Mathematics 61: Introduction to Discrete Structures

Mathematics 115A: Linear Algebra

Statistics 154A: Statistics
Recommended Professors in Mathematics Departmens: Kirby Baker, Peter Peterson, Ronald Miech, Jennifer Chayes

GE Courses

Social Science Electives: Economics

Economics 11: Microeconomic Theory

Economics 101: Microeconomic Theory

Economics 102: Macroeconomic Theory Recommended Professor: Gary Hansen

Economics 160: Money and Banking

Humanities Electives: Linguistics

Linguistics 1: Introduction to Linguistics

Linguistics 10: Structure of English Words

Life Science Electives: Microbiology

Microbiology 7: Developments in Biotechnology

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