NBA: I Love This Game!

The most difficult thing to me in this HW is not using those fancy HTML tags but choosing a topic to write. Is CS193I an English Composition class? No. So why bother we need to write plain article? Why not just ask us to use some HTML tags to create some functionality or fanciness? Anyways, in the midst of worring what to write, I almost forget that today is the start of the 1997 NBA playoffs, one of my favorites. For the next two months, most of my time and attention will mostly be drawn to those games.

When I was in Hong Knog, my impression to basketball was just yet another sports, no big deal. However, things changed when I saw the Dream Team I playing in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, I was so impressed by the fantastic no-look pass, the marvelous drive to the hoop, and above all, the slam dunk by those guys like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. As NBA was no that popular in my home country at that time, I didn't get more exposure to this great sports until I came to America. With those fast pace and exciting LIVE NBA games, full media coverage of the players, and scripts of those fantastic moments of great shots by some legendary players, NBA is not longer a sports to me. There is some culture inside the 50 years of history.

The Internet also helps in promoting this sports to me. In recent years, I can check the scores of all games in real time. I can check the statistics of all players from various Web sites. What's more, I can even check out some movie scripts of those fantastics moments in great games. Apart from the Internet, they are a couple commercial video sports game featuring full simulation of those NBA games. You can almost have full control of those famous player and have them do those spectacular moves and dunks. Furthermore, NBA is a major topic for me to discuss with my friends for more than half a year. No other sports league (except soccer) can last longer than that. I've made so many friend via discussion on NBA games and playing those NBA video games. That's how NBA becomes part of my normal day life.

I love this game!

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