In 1997, we climbed in Colorado, and went up to the Park.

After our Flatirons foray we were on to the mountains. We arrived at the Longs Peak ranger station where we were lucky enough to get a bivy spot near Mills glacier. This was early in the afternoon, and by the time we got all of our stuff packed must have been around 3 or so. The plan was to go up to Mills glacier, do a couple of hikes/climbs in the first two days, and go for Kieners before leaving. It was a long way up. With all the food and gear, it took us about 4 hours to get to Chasm Lake. We settled in the first bivy cave, just in time before the rain started again. Later on that night, a pretty bad thunderstorm went over the valley ; I've never seen so much lightning in a short time span, it looked like WW3 just got started down there. I figure each lightning bolt illuminated the whole layer of clouds over a great area, so the storm looked much more intense from above than from below. Turned out to be a fitting start for our stay there (pictures included) .

For Christmas that year, we were back in Colorado, and made a foray up to the park. It was short.

Finally, a real alpine climb in RMNP... (2000).