HOT July 4th week in Colorado

I did a short, but intense trip with Victor, for 4th of July. We hit Eldo Canyon, Wedauwoo, the High Peaks in RMNP, and Lumpy Ridge. The heat was something else. Must have been 95 in Boulder, and about 90 everywhere else.

We did:

The first day we started in Eldo, and unplanned,  we ended up in Laramie.

The next day we slept in, and went to Wedauwoo, where Victor wanted to get the lead of Edwards Crack under his belt. Unfortunately a long line of people were waiting for exactly that climb, so we tried to go to the Valley Massif formation next. The mosquitoes were fierce, so we turned back. Finally we got to climb on the Nautilus, where Victor led Cornelius, I led the first pitch of Stinkzieg (which I had backed off the previous year), and Victor led the second pitch.

Next day we drove back to Estes Park, got our bivy permit, and ...

After which we hit Lumpy Ridge, and I went home