Acadia National Park

We were stuck in New York and Montreal for most of June 1998. Climbing (and especially camping) at the Gunks was very much bug-ridden, which meant that the Adirondacks and New Hampshire would only be worse. Consequently we went to Acadia for a few days. It was my first experience with sea side climbing, which was kind of neat. 

The best part of the trip, though, was climbing at Precipice cliff, which is a bit inland, but still overlooks the ocean. Imagine a view from a Gunks belay, with the green forest extending a mile out, followed by the blue of the ocean. We climbed the Standard Route (5.5 with good pro) and rappelled as it was getting dark. It may be worth a trip back, if we ever find ourselves around there again.

Ann higher on Wonder Wall. Ann on Wonder Wall (5.6) at Otter Cliff

Ann on Wonder Wall (5.6) at Otter Cliff.