Amruta Joshi

I currently work at Google. I graduated with Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University and with PhD from UCLA.
My PhD thesis advisor was Prof. Junghoo Cho. My research interests include database systems, data mining, and information retrieval.



with Abraham Bagherjeiran, Adwait Ratnaparkhi.
User Demographic and Behavioral Targeting for Content Match Advertising,

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with Junghoo Cho,
Improving Image Search based on User Created Communities,

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with Ahmed Hassan, Dragomir R. Radev, Junghoo Cho,
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Orion File System: File-level Host-based Virtualization | ppt

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Evolutionary Machine Learning for Web Mining  

Proceedings of Tencon 2003, IEEE Region 10 Conference on Convergent Technologies, India, October 2003 




with Ravi Kumar, Ben Reed, Andrew Tomkins;
"System and method for characterizing a web page using multiple anchor sets of web pages", United States Patent US20080082481

with Stelios Paparizos, Lise Getoor, Alexandros Ntoulas;
"Identifying Modifiers in Web Queries over Structured Data", United States Patent US20100306214

Other Projects & Talks:

Author-Topic Models: Talk at the Research In Algorithms for the Internet - RAIN seminar at Stanford.

This talk focused on probabilistic models for extraction of author, topic and syntactic information from a document.

Algorithms for Streaming XPath Evaluation: In this project we modified and extended one of the known tree-based XPath filtering algorithms, TurboXPath, to support XPath evaluation. We also performed an extensive comparative analysis between TurboXPath and XSQ, currently the most advanced of finite automata (FA)-based algorithms.

GAMAviewer: a tool for combined visualization of genome annotation and microarray data.

Orion File System: A Semantic File System supporting virtual directories, user-defined file attributes and aggregation of files & querying on these attributes (WinFS like utility on Linux).

Genetic Algorithms for Event Prediction (report | ppt): This literature survey encompassed study of various algorithms used for optimization. Genetic algorithm in particular was studied and implemented for optimization. The work focused on the use of genetic algorithm for searching for patterns in the augmented phase space created by using Time Series Data Mining. These patterns were then used to predict the occurrence of an event.


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