New Names Suggested for SimBlob

Maxis’s lawyers asked me to change the name of SimBlob, because they said it was too similar to SimCity, SimEarth, and so on. I asked my readers for suggestions. I ended up naming the game BlobCity.

Ben’s suggestions:

cricket’s suggestions:

Richard Thrapp’s suggestions:

Douglas Lee Hendrix’s suggestions:

Jon Butler’s suggestions:

Sauron’s suggestions:

Tarjei T. Jensen’s suggestions:

vlotty’s suggestions:

Jens Agrens’ suggestions:

Chetan Chauhan’s suggestions:

Eric Berntson’s suggestions:

Timothy Toroni’s suggestions:

Ned Lovely’s suggestions:

Roger Pierce’s suggestions:

Florent Castelnerac’s suggestions:

Ouyang Yingzhao’s suggestions:

Dominic Cooney’s suggestions, based on Television Programs:

Nils Jeppe’s suggestions:

Bill Cahoon’s suggestions:

nerfdude’s suggestions:


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