What’s on the Map

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Different parts of the map:

  1. Clear Area
    Clear areas are good places to build things.
  2. Farm
    Farms produce food for your blobs, and also provide employment. You need roads to transport the food to homes and to allow blobs to get to work. If farms are flooded, the farmer will pack up and leave.
  3. Houses
    Blobs live in houses, and travel to work on roads. Each housing area can have up to 7 houses. An empty lot is dark gray, and an occupied house is red.
  4. Roads
    Roads are necessary for blobs to go to work and for food to be transported to homes. They can also be used to help your military units travel faster. If a road is under water too long, it may deteriorate.
  5. Walls
    Walls provide defense against opponents. Enemy soldiers have to go around or destroy a wall to get through. Walls can also be used to mark boundaries, to hold back river waters, or to build dams along a river. Walls also block the spread of fire.
  6. Canals
    Canals are forty foot deep channels for water. They allow you to bring water to drier areas or control the flow of water in other areas. Canals can also be built around residential areas to provide some protection against flooding.
  7. Towers
    Towers are good places to position blob soldiers. They are as high as walls, but stronger.
  8. Trees
    Trees can be cut for lumber, which can be turned into paper and wood materials for your town’s growth. Cutting them too fast may lead to a dead forest; cutting them too slowly may lead to slow town growth. Forests have to be protected by walls and military if another town wants to harvest them.
  9. Water
    Water flows from high areas to low areas, forming rivers and lakes. Walls can be built to keep river floods from damaging your town, to form artificial lakes, or to redirect a river along a different path. Darker water areas are deeper.

(screen shot)

  1. Fire

    Fire destroys forests and civilization. You can block its spread by keeping fire-blocking areas within your town. Water, towers, walls, canals, and clear land blocks the spread of fire.

  2. Lava

    Volcanos produce lava that flows downhill and fills up valley floors. Lava destroys everything in its path, and sets anything nearby on fire.

  3. Blob Soldier

    Blob soldiers are the basic military unit.

  4. Low altitudes

    The lower altitudes are better for farming, but are more prone to flooding. Blobs prefer to live here, but can live anywhere.

  5. Middle altitudes

    Farms can survive in these higher areas, but do not produce as much food unless near a good source of water.

  6. High altitudes

    It is hard to grow food in the highest areas due to the lack of water, but a good canal system can help. Consider placing a military base on top of a mountain. Soldiers can travel faster downhill than uphill, so it is easier for them to reach an invading army if they are on top of a hill.

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