Aditya Parameswaran


I'm Aditya Parameswaran, a soon-to-be Assistant Professor in Computer Science at UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University in 2013.

I am visiting MIT CSAIL and Microsoft Research New England in 2013-14, before starting at Illinois.

For more information: my up-to-date resume is available here. Here is my research statement and short bio. Here is my Google Scholar profile, and here is a link to my DBLP page.


My research interests are broadly in simplifying and improving data analytics, i.e., helping users make better use of their data. My work involves building real data analytics systems with principled foundations, designing algorithms (typically with formal guarantees) for the systems, as well as mining data obtained from such systems.

My PhD thesis was on crowd-powered data management  —  using crowdsourcing to process and make sense of large volumes of data. In the past, I have also worked extensively on recommendation systems, information extraction, improving keyword search, and data integration.

My current research, in addition to the areas listed above, includes: scalable visual analytics, i.e., enabling querying and recommendations of very large visual summaries of data, and approximate and interactive query processing, i.e., generating query results quickly while sacrificing slightly on accuracy.

I'm looking for motivated and creative Ph.D. students or PostDocs: drop me a line if you're interested in my work!

Synergistic Activities

I am currently serving on the Program Committees of: VLDB 2013-14, WWW 2014, SIGMOD 2014, ICDE 2014, and EDBT 2014. I am also serving as the Associate Chair of Workshops and Tutorials at HCOMP 2013. Consider submitting a paper!